About Us/Contact Info

Welcome to our Early Manor!
My husband and I love to shop for antiques, primitives, and all other wonderful finds.
We have been married for 15 years and have two wonderful boys.
We also have a dog named Happy.
Here is a little more about who we are and what we do...

I am a special education teacher at a school I opened 2 years ago.
I operate a Speech and Language Preschool that is located inside a
Pediatric Therapy Clinic.

I love to make primitives and really enjoy Prairie Style Primitives.
Sometimes I say, "If I could only go back to Little House on the Prairie!!"
Before I was a teacher and a mommy, I was a country singer.
I was mentored by the late Miss Dottie West.
Our friendship I will cherish forever.
I was also a member of the Country Music Association (CMA).
Having a new web site is so exciting for us. Hope you enjoy
the wonderful finds that we have for sale.
Thank You God for blessing me with a wonderful life, good health, and wonderful
family members and friends.

This site is dedicated in memory of Ruth Rochelle (Primitive Homeplace-TN.)
I learned a lot from Ruth. Her smile was so beautiful, her personality was precious, and
her love for prims will always shine as bright in my eyes and along with the other people who
loved her.